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The thrillers I write often have a conspiracy theory or two worked into them. I’ve kind of made a hobby out of following conspiracy rumors as they turn up.

If you’ve read my books or this blog you probably realize that I’m about as liberal as you can get. That is, if I voted, which I don’t.

Most conspiracies theories have the arch conservatives as the bad guy.

I thought by 2010 we'd all have Jetson's cars...

But what about the BP oil spill? The one that happened on Earth Day. Now President Obama can kind of comfortably go against offshore drilling even though he campaigned about opening that up during his election campaign. He also can have the pulpit and be really strong against BP and win over more support from the Green folks who haven’t been real thrilled with him.

And then there was a car bomb in Times Square. A total knucklehead car bomb with the wrong kind of fertilizer and a weird Pakistani dude caught just as his plane was about to take off.

Everything in the nick of time. The good guys catch the bad guys just in the nick of time. We’re ready, we foiled another one. Just in the nick of time. Can’t blame our President for being soft on terror–we got the kinda stupid terrorist who almost blew up a bunch of harmless fertilizer.

Hmmm…can conspiracies go against liberals? Is that strategy just for overweight rich white guys? Can a cool, hip, new type leader use those same shady dealings?

Power, baby.

It does wild things.