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Pat Tillman became famous when he chose to join the military and forgo a new lucrative contract with the NFL. He was then killed in battle, hailed as a hero and then it turned out that he was killed by friendly fire.

A new documentary out today chronicles the story.

It turns out that Tillman became disillusioned with the war very quickly. He believed it was unjust.

On the day he was killed by his fellow troops it is now questioned whether any Al Queda were in the area at all. While being shot at Tillman screamed “I’m fucking Pat Tillman”. He was killed shortly after.

His brother, also a GI, was on the scene within minutes but by the time got there Pat’s diary where he wrote extensively about his feelings about the war, was burned.

Could it be that the poster boy for the war, a true thinking man, had become a huge potential embarassment for the powers that be? Could it be he had to be eliminated before he became a liability?