My job as a boxing judge sometimes puts me in the presence of celebrities.

I find it interesting the way people act when they’re near someone famous. Saturday night the fight was on national television. The venue was sold out.

Boxing is an international sport. Saturday’s bouts had boxers from Ireland, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the United States. There were flags and chanting.

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Celebrities would enter the arena to loud ovations. Fans would clamber to get photos, autographs and even hugs, whether the celebrity was engaging or not. The famous people took ringside seats and  huddled together.

I thought to myself what a different existence it would be. It might be fun and it might be a pain in the ass. It was probably both.

Then they asked the crowd for a moment of silence for one of the celebrity’s father who had died recently. The celebrity was sitting directly behind me. When the silence was over, I turned to him, offered my hand and said “God, bless you.” He shook my hand and nodded.

I lost my dad about 15 years ago. I remember what it felt like in the months shortly after it. I know how it feels now.

And I don’t think it would make a bit of difference if I was a celebrity.