I volunteer on a suicide hotline. In fact, that’s where I am right now.

Fortunately, it’s quiet.

One of the things we learn in our training is that if people feel they have a reason to live they are less likely to act on their suicidial thoughts.

Meet Antigone.

Marshall Lee got Antigone from a basset rescue organization. She was  from one of those scumbag puppy mills. Those are those horrid places where they exploit dogs through breeding and sell them to your cheery mall pet stores.

Anyway, Marshall loved his college teaching job and when he got laid off it broke his heart. After sending 200 resumes around and not getting a single response he got despondent. This Persian Gulf War veteran began to have suicial thoughts and began to believe he’d be better off dead.

If you haven’t had a bout with depression it might be hard to understand. It took Marshall two hours to get out of bed every morning. He didn’t have any energy for anything.

He decided to kill himself. He began to make the plans.

Something kept getting in the way of his death strategy.


He couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her alone and uncared for. Then, something rose up inside of Marshall, that something inside us that doesn’t accept defeat. That pissed off something that says “Fight back.”

So after losing his job and his apartment, Marshall Lee got on his bike. He put Antigone in the pull along thing and the two of them set out to ride from Chicago to San Francisco to raise awareness for two causes.

Suicide prevention and basset rescue.

Victor Frankl, the philosopher who survived Nazi death camps, once said that life gets meaning when you take on a cause greater than yourself with a vitally absorbing interest. People vitally absorbed in helping people live fulfilled lives.

They l-i-v-e.

So, this Thursady when Marshall and Antigone pedaled across the Golden Gate Bridge, a bridge that someone commits suicide off every fifteen days, there were two vitally absorbed lives being transported by a whole lot more than a bicycle.

Antigone was rescued by Guardian Angel Basset Hound Rescue, an organization I call family. Out of the Darkness is an organization that helps raise suicide awareness. Read about them on Marshal Lee’s  blog: http://antigonebasset.blogspot.com/