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Today we introduce a new game here at Duffy Central–the battle of the classically bad songs. Pretty simple you vote on what song sucks more and why.

Got it? Good. Let’s go!

Baby, I’m a Want You Bread 1972 vs. The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia Vicki Lawrence1973

The Girl Could Rock...and dress!

My vote: Baby I’m a Want You– I just think the title sets a suckiness standard for this song that can’t be outdone. After that, the folksy 70’s vocalization carries the suck to a real high. Carol Burnette’s co-star on the other hand had a certain kind of rawness and edginess..a sucky kind.

Billy Don’t Be A Hero Paper Lace 1974 vs. The Night Chicago Died Paper Lace 1974

My vote: These two songs both got into my head and I had no idea they were both done by the same band until my research department let me know. I think Billy sucks more and the over the top cornball crap is just suckier. These songs both did really well in Europe

Rocky Mountain High John Denver 1973   vs. Fire and Rain  James Taylor 1970

My vote: Well, I can hear it now–“These are GREAT songs, Schreck–you don’t know what you’re talking about!” Actually, they aren’t. They suck and they’re annoying. James Taylor’s is worse because people who drink cheap wine and smoke a bunch of pot think its deep poetry and really heartfelt stuff. It isn’t. It sucks. And as for John Denver–please.