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A 68 year-old guy in Orange County, California wanted it over, wanted the pain to stop.

He took about 50 pills and he ran away where no one could find him. He was despondent and disoriented and time was of the essence. He laid down behind a church on the outside of town. He got ready to die.

I said no one could find him meaning “no person.”

Well, it just so happens that the police academy had a new graduate. Sadie, a bloodhound, was trained to find missing people. Deputy Ryan Glover put her to work and Sadie knew what to do. Bloodhounds have known how to find people since St. Hubert, the monk, started training them in the 1400’s.

Sadie turned a corner or two, got those long ears to waft the scent into her nose and wrinkling skin and she got busy.

They found the guy in time. They rushed him to the hospital and he made it.

It wasn’t time to die even if it felt like it.

Sadie saw to that.

Good girl, Sadie.