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Sometimes learning how to read can be tough.

Kids who struggle with reading often get self-conscious about it. That makes it worse, turns them off from reading and the kid falls behind.

Reading in front of peers or adults can be brutal if you have hard time reading.

That’s where Wally the basset hound comes in. Wally goes to the library twice a month in Tustin, California and sits there while kids read to him. Wally lays down and listens. He does it without judgment and he relaxes.


So do the kids. That’s Wally’s job.

Wally gets paid in affection which is just fine with him.

Thee are reading dogs all over the country so if you got a kid who could use a hand…er…uh…paw contact your local library and see when their reading dog comes in.

In the mean time I’m making sure the Tustin library has my books in stock.

Read the article about Wally here:http://www.ocregister.com/news/library-248658-reading-children.html