It is very difficult to win a round by always retreating. Leonard retreats and has very little on his punches. Hagler is punishing him to the body and wins this round easily.

A quick point, however. Do you notice how head shots are much easier to see? Body shots are not as obvious and are sometimes wrongly dismissed. Leonard knows this.

SCORE 10-9 Hagler
Total 77-75 Leonard


Man, this is hard round to score and one that is very hard to score on television. I’d like to be ringside to evaluate how hard Hagler’s body shots were and how much impact Leonard’s combinations were. I think this round could be scored either way or even. Hagler was moving forward but at times was outworked.

I’m going to go with Hagler in a very close round.

SCORE Leonard 10-9
Total 86-85 Leonard


Close but not as close as the last one. Leonard lands clean, crisp combinations with feet planted. Hagler lumbers forward with short punches and bodywork not as clean as Leonard’s.

SCORE 10-9 Leonard

Total 96-94


Leonard does cleaner work, plants and lands and Marvin is plodding forward.

Leonard’s round.

Score 10-9 Leonard

Total 106-103

Round 12

Hagler does what he should’ve done all night. Aggressive, bullying and tough. His round easy

Score 10-9 Hagler

Total 115-113

Official Scores

Lou Filippo
115-113 Hagler

Dave Moretti 115-113 Leonard

Jo Jo Guerra 118-110 Leonard