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I can’t write today I’m nervous about…that growth on the side of my head, my dog’s cough, the taxes, the leaky roof…

I have worry down to an art form. I worry that i worry too much. I worry if I’m not worried and i worry that I worry when I should be enjoying life. On a good day I laugh at it. On a bad day I worry a lot about it.

Worry is uncomfortable. I don’t like the tightness in my muscles, the sadness behind my eyes our the queasiness in my stomach.

But it’s only discomfort.

You can write through discomfort. (Are you picking up a pattern here?)

When you’re worried you still can write. It may even distract you from your worry but even if it doesn’t you can still write.

One of the ways to get over your issues is to act against them. Do what you’re afraid of, disrespect your fears and live any way.

Got it? Now ass on chair, fingers on keyboard. Type!