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Tony Robbins is the uber hip guy with the big teeth that is the king of the late night self improvement infomercial.

Supposedly, he’s been a consultant to President Clinton and all sorts of Hollywood B and C listers. I still remember levaL Burton doing a testimonial for Robbins in the ’90s. It might have been Levar’s only acting gig of that decade.

Man, look at the choppers...

What does Robbins sell?

Well, I’ve read the books and listened to some of the tapes. He says to set goals, change your attitude, decide specifically what you want and map out a path to get there.

There’s nothing wrong with that. it’s pretty much what every self-help book says to do in slightly different ways.

Why is Robbins so immensely popular, successful and rich.

Because humans like to believe in magic.

We want to believe that a charismatic bloke will change us instantly. We want to believe that our issues and problems have some sort of spooky Freudian origin that need a barely understandable solution from someone who spent way too much time in school. We want to believe that things aren’t our fault and that some dramatic intervention by a guru can release us.

Listen to the tape, wear the bracelet, take the medication, supplement, vitamin or herb. Lay off the gluten, the carbs, the processed meat, take the fish oil, read Oprah’s Secret, shuffle the Tarot cards, get in the downward facing dog, do a triathalon…

None of it is magic. There is no magic.

Change is hard work and takes discipline.

Do this, save the money and look less ridiculous:

Look at your life and the results you’re getting.

1. Decide what you want to change.

2. Be clear why you want to change and what will happen if you don’t.

3. Act against your old tendencies no matter how uncomfortable you get. When you fail, try again.

4. Do it until it becomes ingrained.

5. Realize that uncomfortable emotions pass and life does not guarantee you 100% comfort and pleasure.

Actually, it is the basis of my new 20 second CD collection available only with your purchase of The Magic Dehydrator and The ShamWow. Watch for the infomercial.